the essence of frivolity


This video encompasses the concept of what it is we’re trying to do with this site. A woman knits hundreds of sweaters with no purpose in mind, storing them all in her house. Years later, hundreds of people come together to wear each of her sweaters and pay tribute to her in the most spectacular of ways.

Sometimes we need to do something not because it’s good for us or because we ought to but because it’s fun. And because it will put a smile on our face and on the faces of people around us.

And the thing is, sometimes when we take a chance and take the time to do something frivolous, we end up happier. We find out more about ourselves. We like ourselves more. It ends up being good for us, even though that was never our main goal.

Kind of ironic, no?

Life can be funny that way.


About Laurie

Laurie Kingston lives, writes and plays in beautiful Ottawa with her two gorgeous sons, one handsome spouse and an ill-behaved Tibetan Terrier. She enjoys strong coffee, knitting, reading, long walks around the neighbourhood and trying to find her floors under all the rubble (OK maybe not so much that last part). Laurie is the author of Not Done Yet: Living Through Breast Cancer and she also blogs at Not Just About Cancer. She dreams of one day writing a novel, travelling to Australia and finding matches for all the socks that come out of the laundry.
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One Response to the essence of frivolity

  1. Lene says:

    that made me cry. Which probably means I need more frivolity in my life.

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