It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it

Frivolity is not my strong suit.

With very few exceptions, my pre-c life was small and safe. Mostly, clinging to the goodness I’d fallen into. Side-stepping silliness, longings and dreams.

But my experience with cancer slapped me hard. And I’ve been doing my best to feel life, live bigger and take risks since. I’ve consciously worked to break patterns and build better ones. Pushing myself out of my comfort zone.  Away from heaviness. Inching, bit by bit, towards levity.

Yet frivolity is still a stretch. We’ve barely begun this GetFrivolous project, and already I’m sensing frivolity block.

So, as a prelude to my bucket list brainstorming, I’m revving up my frivolness engine with a little recap of the journey to date. These steps aren’t all frivolous, but every one was a bold stride away from my small, heavy self. So I say they count…

  Teaching free weekly yoga classes.
Starting October 2012.
  Getting Frivolous with Laurie.
Starting September 2012.
  Yoga Teacher Training 3 week intensive.
September 2012.
  Braving birds.
Starting August 2012.
  Getting generally goofier.

  Horseback Riding.
July 2012.
  Cartilage Piercing (take 2)
July 2012
  Spontaneous Emergency Self-Care
June 2012
  Blog Out Loud Ottawa
June 2012
  FrivolKnitty Yarn Bombing.
May 2012.
  Braving barre.
May 2012.
  Further cracks at doomed relationships.
  30 Day Yoga Challenge.
February 2012.
  Two (failed) Family Photo Shoots.
January 2012.
  Living my railway dream.
August 2011.
  Wall Yoga.
Starting July 2011.
  Recycling our Wedding Bands.
July 2011.
  Artsy Photo Shoot with John Meadows.
June 2011.
  Belly dancing, Jazz, Tap, Burlesque, Hip Hop, Ballet, Bollywood, Zumba
July 2011 thru February 2012.
  PAB 2011 Jolt
June 2011
  Braving Burlesque
April – June 2011
  Risky hair choices.
Starting May 2011.
  Quitting work.
April 2011.
  Madonna Yoga.
Starting March 2011

  Reading at Censored Out Loud Ottawa.
February 2011.
December 2010 – June 2011.
  Braving loads (and loads) of social stuff.
Starting June 2010.
  Wearing frivolous.
Starting 2010.
  PAB 2010 Jolt — Contested Irrelevance.
June 2010.

About Andrea

Andrea Ross is a mother, a podcaster, a children's literacy and literature enthusiast, and a breast cancer survivor doing her best to enjoy most minutes. Andrea and her husband Mark sometimes vent at The Something Of Our Ways. Andrea's breast cancer journey is documented at
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